Making Dominion Global Bible Institute & Seminary your bible school of choice would be one of the best investments you have made toward the enhancement of your call to ministry. Here are a few good reasons...    


  • Dominion Global Bible Institute & Seminary is an "on-line" Bible College. All of your work is done through distance learning so you do not need to leave your home, church, ministry, or nation to prepare for ministry. You can study in your own home, at your own time, at your own pace. All of your work can be completed online and E-mailed directly to our offices for grading.   These online courses are filled with high quality, informative biblical education that will help you develop a passion for God’s Word and give you the tools necessary to make the most of your call in ministry.

  • You will study with an outstanding professor that has strong academic qualifications, years of ministry experience, and a deep commitment to our mission. You will be challenged personally, intellectually, professionally, and spiritually.
  • Dominion Global Bible Institute & Seminary offers accredited Associates and Bachelor degrees.
  • Dominion Global Bible Institute & Seminary prices are very affordable, you can pay subject by subject, with no term fees, no hidden costs.

  • We recognize previous studies and skills learned through years of ministry (Life Experience Credits). These Life Experience Credits from the (LEC) Program can be added as credits toward your degree.
Dominion Global Bible Institute & Seminary is definitely the place for you. Enroll now!

The President welcomes you!

Welcome! And thank you for visiting our online school, as well as considering Dominion Global Bible Institute & Seminary to be your Bible College of choice. We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our school.

We pray that this site will provide all this information needed to help you start your journey to higher christian education. You can also email us with any questions or even any prayer requests that you may have. It is this mission of this school to provide its students with a wealth of biblical knowledge that will effectively equip them for their call to ministry. We encourage you to join us and be apart of The Dominion Global Family. Thank you again for inquiring about Dominion Global Bible Institute & Seminary.

Pastor Jeffrey B. Conyers
President & Founder